Company History

April 1981

The current President Hideaki Kotaki joined the Material Overseas Department of Nissei Sangyo (current Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation).

Operations: Import and export of synthetic resins and chemicals.
Major customers: Hitachi, Hitachi Maxell, Hitachi Powdered Metals, Showa Denko, Toray


June 1983

Temporarily transferred to International Procurement Section, Materials Department at the Headquarters of Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd. Operations: Direct/indirect import and purchase of organic and inorganic chemicals from Western countries


June 1985

Transferred to Chemical Products Department, Nissei Sangyo. Operations: Development of the import and export of rare earth minerals and rare metals (won the President’s award twice.)


Major customers: Shin-Etsu Chemical, Showa Denko, Mitsubishi Materials, Asahi Glass, Hitachi Metals, Chuo Denko









Rare Earth
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Rare Earth Meeting Series -
The future of medium and
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