Our company was launched in London in August 1999 and after marking its 10th anniversary moved to Japan. Here we reformed the business as the Material Trading Company Ltd and focused our expertise on rare earth minerals and rare metals. The sourcing of these materials are now essential for modern life through their uses in technology and related business.


We are happy to accept the challenge of providing these key resources on an international basis. In this our company is guided by principles that ensure our communications, business strategy and activities will receive respect wherever in the world we operate. We will strive consistently to consider and fulfill these principles in the smallest detail and respond effectively and courteously to our customers’ requirements.


The evaluation of our company values and way of doing business will stand up to the scrutiny of our trading partners, stakeholders and any others interested in our areas of trading. As the head of the company I would like to declare our aim of achieving an outstanding reputation, based not only on our ambition and development, but also professionalism that exceeds the scale of our presence in the world rare earths and rare metals industry.


Nick Kotaki, Managing Director
Material Trading Company Ltd.

Nick kotaki
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